20% Reduction in Readmission Rates Achieved by Delta Hospital

By December 14, 2015Health Care

The Colorado Hospital Association, the American Hospital Association in partnership with Health Research and Educational Trust (HRET) collected data and announced that Delta CountyMemorial Hospital had achieved a goal of reducing patient readmissions by 20 percent, meeting one of the goals for Partnership for Patients. The 20% reduction in readmission was achieved by meeting one of the following measures:
30 day all cause readmissions
Heart failure 30 day all cause readmissions
Pneumonia 30 day all cause readmissions
AMI 30 day all cause readmissions.

The significance of lower readmit rates is that unplanned hospital readmissions exceed $17 billion annually to Medicare.

“Colorado Hospital Association believes it is important to recognize the accomplishments of Colorado’s high performing hospitals for their leadership in health care quality and safety, stated a recent CHA HealthBeat Today newsletter.

Some 34 other Colorado hospitals also achieved the 20 percent reduction in readmissions goals.

Delta County Memorial Hospital also recently released the 2013 surgical site infection rate of 0.3 percent. The national average for surgical site infection rates is around 2.5 percent.

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